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How to Choose and Maintain the Laser Protective Lens?

Jul. 17, 2021

The main function of the laser protective lens is to prevent dust and splashes from damaging the focusing lens. However, the price and quality of protective lenses on the market vary greatly. How to choose the right lens becomes particularly important.

Improper selection of the lens will not only cause excessive laser loss and frequent damage to the protective lens, but also the quality of the cut product is also unstable, causing serious losses to the enterprise. Therefore, choosing the right protective lens is a matter of great importance.


Selection Principle of Laser Protective Lens


1.Matching dimensions.

This is very easy to understand, as long as the outer diameter and thickness meet the requirements.


2.the material of the product.

Depending on the power used, different materials can be selected considering the cost. Common materials mainly include K9, domestic quartz materials, and imported quartz materials. Based on past experience considerations, K9 protective lenses can be used for power below 1000W; quartz protective lenses can be used for 1000W-6000W; imported quartz protective lenses are recommended for those above 6000W.


3. Coating

Corresponding anti-reflection coating is plated. Without special instructions, it is for the anti-reflection coating of 1030-1090nm. The coating process has a great impact on the service life of the laser protective lens.


laser protective lens

Maintenance of laser protective lens


1. Never install the lens with bare fingers. Wear finger cots or rubber gloves.


2. Hold the edge of the lens when taking the lens, and do not touch the film to hold the lens


3. Do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratches on the surface of the lens.


4. The user should avoid talking to the top of the lens, and keep food, beverages and other potential contaminants away from the work environment.


5. The lens should be placed in a dry and tidy place for testing and cleaning. A good workbench should have several layers of cleaning paper towels or wiping cloths, and several sheets of lens cleaning tissues.


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